In Project Settings > Locations,  if you have not added your Location Hierarchy yet,  you can use the BIM Extract Wizard to extract Floor and Room data from a BIM File.  To get started, click the '+' Add Level button to add a New Level.



 In the 'Add Level' screen, add a Level Name and select the BIM 'Spatial Type' option.



 With the 'Level Name' and 'Spatial Type' filled out, click the 'SAVE' button to Save the New Level.



 In the Level List View,  Add a Name and use the slider to view the additional columns.



 In the BIM Column, click the 'Select BIM' option to select a BIM File to Extract.


In the 'Select BIM' window, you will see BIM files you have previously uploaded to your Drive. Click to select a BIM file you want to Extract.  


 With the file selected, you can toggle the 'Create' location (Storeys and Data)? OFF if necessary.   Click 'Done' to Extract the File Data.   

NOTE: You also have the option to click the 'View Levels' option and view levels before importing. 


This is an example of the 'View Levels' panel.

With your BIM Extract started, you will see a toast stating "The location extract process may take a while to complete. We will notify you via email once completed."   


 Once you receive your Email,  your BIM File has been extracted.  Go back to Project Locations and doublecheck your Location Hierarchy and Drawing files for accuracy.


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Last Updated: Aug-04-22