The LiveBar at the top right of your Desktop Screen is a unifying experience across SmartApp that shows you which other Users in the Project are also looking at the Item you are looking at. This helps Users to collaborate Live with other Project Team members in any Project that they are part of.

The LiveBar consists of:

Help - Help Articles to guide Users with the Product

Announcements - What's New in the Product

Search - Allows Users to look for an item

My Activities - Shows the Activities of the User

LiveLink - Connect to other Users in SmartApp via video chat.

Streams -  Real-time View of activity happening in your SmartApp system.

Comments - See comments other users have left on Items in SmartApp 

Users - See Users currently in your project or currently viewing an item you are viewing 

Chat - This shows you other Users reviewing the same item as you and allows you to send text messages to each other.


Device Screen:

How To ?

How to access LiveLink

How to kick off a LiveLink

How to Access LiveLink - Agenda

How to Invite Users to a LiveLink

How to view previous sessions in LiveLink

How to Access LiveLink Videos Folder in Drive

How to create a Group in LiveLink

How to LiveChat a Team Member

How to LiveLink a Team Member

Live Link  


LiveLink Calendar Access

LiveLink - Follow up

LiveLink - Summary Notes

LiveLink - Agenda



Live Collaboration

What are Streams?

How To View Streams

How To Search for Specific Data in Streams

How To View Comments

What is the LiveBar?

Last Updated: Oct-04-22