You now have the option of Associating a BLE Tag to a user in Smartapp.  To get started, go to Project Settings and toggle ON the 'SmartApp BLE RTLS' option. 



Adding a BLE Tag ID Manually

In Project Team, you have the option of adding a BLE Tag ID to a User Manually.  To get started adding a BLE Tag,  with the 'SmartApp BLE RTLS' Toggle turned ON,  click on the Project Settings > Project Team option to view your Project Team.


 Click on the 'Add User' or 'Edit user' option to open that user panel and associate BLE to that account. 



In the 'Add or Edit Users' panel,  click on the 'Scan or Type BLE ID' field to manually add a BLE ID.


With the BLE ID added, click the 'Save' button to save your progress.



Scanning a BLE Tag Barcode

In Project Team, you have the option of scanning a BLE Tag Barcode.  To get started scanning a BLE Barcode,  click on the 'Barcode Icon' in the Add/Edit User Screen.



In the pop up 'Acquire Barcode",  the Barcode value scanned will be auto populated.  Click the 'Submit' button to return to the 'Add/Edit Users' page.



Selecting a BLE Tag ID from a Bluetooth List


In Project Team, when Bluetooth is enabled a 'Bluetooth Icon' will appear when a Bluetooth enabled device is connected.  You have the option of selecting a BLE Tag ID from the Bluetooth List of connected Devices.  To get started,  click on the 'Bluetooth Icon' in the Add/Edit User Screen.



In the 'Select Bluetooth Device', select a Bluetooth Tag from the list. 


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Last Updated: Oct-08-21