By Default, the 'Safety Tracking' is turned OFF.  To Turn on your Project SAFETY™ Tracking, open Project Settings and click on the SAFETY™ Settings option, then toggle the 'Safety Tracking' option to ON.   

With Safety Tracking turned ON, all the SAFETY™ Tracking Features as listed below become enabled.


The Safety Settings Options include:

 Safety Tracking
Safety Tracking is Turned OFF by Default.  Turn ON Safety Tracking to Enable all the Safety Tracking Options.
Visitor Tracking
Visitor Tracking is Turned OFF by Default.  Turn ON Visitor Tracking to Enable all the Visitor Tracking Options.
Team Safety Credentials
The Team Safety Credentials lets Admins Add, Edit and Delete Safety Credential Fields & Field Settings.  There  are 7 prepopulated Default Safety Credential Fields.
Safety Task Analysis Categories

The Safety Task Analysis Categories option lets Admins Add, Edit and Delete Safe Task Analysis Categories for Team Members and Visitors to Review and Acknowledge.

Safety Permit Categories
The Safety Permit Categories option lets Admins Add, Edit and Delete Safety Permits for Selected Team Members to Review and Approve.
Safety Incident Categories
The Safety Incident Categories option lets Admins Add or Delete Safety Incident Categories to Be uses with the Safety Rules Manager.  There are 3 prepopulated Safety Incident Categories fields.
Safety Incident Directory
This safety setting lets Admins create different Safety Incident Directory Lists that can be used to configure Safety Rules Manager Notifications.
Safety Rules Manager
This safety setting lets Admins configure notifications based on Specific Safety Incidents.
Visitor Log
This safety setting lets Admins Pre-schedule Visitors to a Project Site.
Request Safety PermitThis safety setting lets Users Request Specific Safety Permit Requests.
Safety Onboarding Flyer
When Safety Tracking is turned on, a Safety Onboarding Flyer and URL is created that lets Visitors to Job Sites Seamlessly Register.




How to Access and Enable Safety Tracking

How to Access the Safety Onboarding Flyer

How to Register Using the Safety Onboarding Flyer

How to View Safety Status from the Project Team Settings

How to Use the Safety Credentials Tab in Project Team Settings

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Last Updated: Sep-14-21