The 'Visitor Tracking' Option in the SAFETY™ Settings, when Turned ON, will Create a Registration URL that lets Visitors to your Jobsite log in and Register.  The 'Visitor Tracking' Option, by Default, is turned OFF.  To Turn on Visitor Tracking, open Project Settings and click on the SAFETY™ Settings option, then toggle the 'Visitor Tracking' option to ON.    

  • When Visitor Tracking is turned ON,  a 'Visitor In' option will become available via the 'Safety Onboarding Flyer'  for Visitors to Register to Visit your Safesite.


  • To View the 'Visitor In' Option, with 'Visitor Tracking' turned ON, simply click on the 'Safety Onboarding Flyer' in the SAFETY™ Settings  Menu. On the Safety Onboarding Flyer,  Scan the QR code or Click the Link to Open the Safesite  Registration Page.


  • On the Safesite Registration Page,  with 'Visitor Tracking' turned ON,  Visitors can select the "Visitor In" Option and proceed with Registration.  


  • Visitors Fill out all the Required information to Proceed. 

  • Once the Visitor is Registered, they will be able to Print out a Temporary Visitor Badge for use on the Work Site.


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Last Updated: Nov-15-22