In the Project SAFETY™ Settings, with 'Safety Tracking' turned ON, the 'Safety Task Analysis Categories' will become enabled. Safety Tasks are Tasks that can be assigned to specific Trades or Skills to Read/Watch and Acknowledge. When Creating new Tasks for Workers, STA's can be added as Mandatory Assignments.  

Configuring a Safety Task Analysis Category

  • To Configure a New STA,  in the Project SAFETY™ Settings, with 'Safety Tracking' turned ON, click on the 'Safety Task Analysis Categories'  option.

  • To add a New  'Safety Task Analysis Categories'  click on the '+' to get started.

  • While configuring your Safety Task Analysis Category, configure the fields and click on 'Add' button to add the new Category.


Associating an STA with a Tag Card in Planner

  • In Planner,  when creating a New Tag Card, you have the option of associating specific STA's to that specific Tag Card.  To get started,  Create a New Tag Card in Planner.  In the Tag Card,  click on the Safety Cone Icon to View available Safety Task Analysis Categories.


  • In the Safety Task Analysis Categories popup,  you have the option to Filter By Specific Trades or Skills.


  • With Specific Safety Task Analysis Categories Selected,  click the 'Add' button to Add the STA's to your Tag.

  • The Safety Cone Icon will now show with the number of Safety Task Analysis Categories associated with your Tag.  Click 'Save' to Save your Tag.


Review & Acknowledge STA's

  • End Users, based on Trade or Skill will be assigned STA's.  In their Device,  they will be able to click the 'Review and Ack Safety' option to Review and Acknowledge the STA associated with their Task.


  • Clicking on the 'Review and Ack Safety' button will open the STA letting the End User Review each STA. 

  • With all STA's reviewed,  the End User clicks the 'I have read and accept the safety policy manual' button, then clicks the 'Acknowledge Safety' to Acknowledge the STA's.

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Last Updated: Oct-10-22