You have the option in Safety to Configure Safety Permit Categories that can then be included in Planner Tags and Worker Tasks.    

You have the option to add Safety Permit Categories in the Project SAFETY™ Settings. With 'Safety Tracking' turned ON, the 'Safety Permit Categories' will become enabled.  Click on the 'Safety Permit Categories' in the Project SAFETY™ Settings to get started. 


Configuring a Safety Permit Category

To create a New 'Safety Permit Category" click the '+' in the Safety Permit Category window to get started. 


In the Add Safety Permit window, add a Name to the 'Safety Permit Name' Field.  If you would like to add Supplemental Request Information to the Permit,  Toggle the 'Would you like supplemental request information?' to ON.  The 'Select App and 'Approval Role' Fields will now become active.

With the 'Would you like supplemental request information?' turned ON,  Select an App,  Add a Request Template (If the App you selected is a Checklist),  and Select an Approval Role.

Additionally,  if you toggle the 'Does this permit require inspection?' to ON,  you can Select an App,  Inspection Template (If App is a Checklist) and Inspection Role.    Click the 'Add' Button to Add the Safety Permit.


Associating a Safety Permit with a Tag Card in Planner

In Planner,  when creating a New Tag Card, you have the option of associating a specific Safety Permit to that specific Tag Card.  To get started,  Create a New Tag Card in Planner.  In the Tag Card,  click on the Safety Permit Icon to View available Safety Permits.


In the Safety Permit Request popup,  click on the Safety Category Dropdown to select a previously created Safety Permit.


With a Specific Safety Permit Selected, Fill out the rest of the information on the card and click the 'Done' button.


You will then be prompted to Add the Additional Safety Permit Item Details that were configured.  Once you have added your additional information, click the 'Next' button to Save the new Item.

For Safety Permits Configured with a Checklist App,  you will be asked to complete Checklist Questions.  Click the Green Save button to Save your Answers.

With All the information updated for the New Tag, the Safety Cone Icon will now show with the number of Safety Task Analysis Categories associated with your Tag.  Click 'Save' to Save your New Tag.



How to Access and Enable Safety Tracking

How to Access the Safety Onboarding Flyer

How to Register Using the Safety Onboarding Flyer

How to View Safety Status from the Project Team Settings

How to Use the Safety Credentials Tab in Project Team Settings


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