In the Project SAFETY™ Settings, with 'Safety Tracking' turned ON, the 'Safety Rules Manager' will become enabled. The Safety Rules Manager lets you set Safety Rules for who to notify when a Safety Incident of a Specific Category happens. Additionally, you have the option to configure how to notify the specific user group, via Email, Text, or Phone.  Click on the 'Safety Rules Manager' option to get started.  

Creating a New Safety Rule

  • To create a New 'Safety Rule' click the '+' to get started.


  • In the 'Create Safety Rule' screen, simply add a Safety Rule Name and select a Category from the dropdown list.  


  • Next, Select a Mode to Notify the User by: Call, SMS or Email.


  • Your New Safety Rule will now show in the Safety Rules Manager.

How To?

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Safety Incident Directory

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Last Updated: Oct-10-22