In Smartapp™, you have the option to Publish your CPM Schedule directly to Procore. To do this, navigate to the Plan Board you would like to Publish. Under the File Menu option click on the 'Publish to Procore' Option. In the Side Menu, you can select one of the following options:

  • Procore Connector Settings (Ctrl+Shift+P):  Selecting this option lets you manage your Procore Connector Settings
  • Publish Now: Selecting this option lets you Publish your Plan Board Immediately.
  • Open Procore: Selecting this opens Procore.

  • In order to Proceed with any of the 3 Procore options, you will first need to sign in to your Procore Account.

Procore Connector settings (Ctrl+Shift+P):

Once you are logged in to Procore,  if you selected the Procore Connector Settings option,  you will be able to manage your Planner Connector Settings. The Sync Settings are as follows:

  • Company: Select the Company you would like to Sync with Procore
  • Project: Select the Project you would like to Sync with Procore
  • My Sync Settings:
  • Planner  to Procore  Sync:  Check this option if you would like to Sync your Schedules from Planner to Procore
  • Procore  to Planner  Sync: Check this option if you would like to Sync your Locations, Companies and Users from Procore™ to Planner™.

Procore Settings:

Procore  Connector

How to Publish Plan Board to Procore 

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Last Updated: Jan-02-23