When you create a SmartApp Project  and select 'Architecture, Engineering & Construction' as your industry, If you selected a  PLANNER™ Project, you will only have access to the following apps:

Daily ImpactRecord and report activities that are impacted by unplanned issues.
Journal EntryRecord and report activities on site.
ManpowerDaily Manpower details.
TasksTrack task assignments through to completion. 

When you create a Smartapp Project  and select 'Architecture, Engineering & Construction' as your industry, If you selected a  FIELD or PRO  Project, in addition to the Planner Apps, you will also have access to the following Apps:

Accident ReportProvides Details of Accidents Reported at site.  
Bid PackagesManage bid packages for various works in a project. 
Punch ListPunch list is helpful to record and address defects raised during construction.
Quality ChecklistsShows all quality non-conformance instances.
Request For Info
Raise queries, get answers & close all information gaps in project execution.
Safety ChecklistsCheck these off for a safe job site.
Safety IncidentProvides details of Safety Incidents on the Jobsite.
Site Readiness ChecklistSetup and get your job site ready just before Construction starts.
SubmittalsCreate & track for submittals for various Bid Packages.

Additionally, with a SmartApp PRO Account, you also have access to the Apps Marketplace where you can select and Install many additional Apps  in addition to Building your own Apps!

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Last Updated: Oct-18-22