The 'Visitor Log' is enabled with 'Safety Tracking' turned ON in the Project SAFETY™ Settings. The Visitor Log lets Safety Managers Pre-Schedule Visitors to a Work Site.  Additionally,  Safety Managers can Manage unscheduled Visitor requests coming in to Work Sites. The Visitors log can be accessed from the Safety tab or from the Safety settings in megamenu as shown below.


Pre-Scheduling a Visitor 

  • To pre-schedule a Visitor click the '+' to get started as shown below (Desktop & mobile).

  • In the 'Pre-Schedule Visitor' screen, add the visitor & visit information and click the 'Submit' button to proceed.  


  • Your Scheduled Visitor will now show in the Visitor Log.


Visitor Log

Visitor Tracking

How to Enable Visitor Tracking

Visitor Log additional Info in Tile

How To?

How to Access and Enable Safety Tracking

How to Access the Safety Onboarding Flyer

How to Register Using the Safety Onboarding Flyer

How to View Safety Status from the Project Team Settings

How to Use the Safety Credentials Tab in Project Team Settings

SAFETY™ Settings:


Safety Tracking

Visitor Tracking

Team Safety Credentials

Safety Task Analysis Categories

Safety Permit Categories

Safety Incident Categories

Safety Incident Directory

Safety Rules Manager

Safety Bulletin

SOS & Bulletin Notification

Visitor Log

Request Safety Permit

Safety Onboarding Flyer

Last Updated: Nov-15-22