The Version History Section lets you view the Version history of your App.  Every time you save a new Version of your App, a Version will show update the settings for your App.  Click on the Version History Option in the Left Column.

Version History

The Version History section lets you view your previously saved App Versions. When saving a new Version,  you can add text Notes in the 'Change Log' window.  This is very helpful in understanding what has been changed from one version to the next:

  • Restore a Previous Version -  To restore your app to a Previous Version,  simply click on the Version Number as shown Below.

  • When you click on the Version you would like to Restore,  a Confirmation window appears asking you to either Save your work,  or Continue without saving.   

  • To Restore the selected version,  simply click the 'Restore this Version' button.  This will restore your selected App Version.


Last Updated: Oct-24-22