The 'Start' Workflow Activity is the added by default to your Workflow.  This is the starting point for your Workflow Activities.

Start Activity Information

  • To view and manage the Start Activity Workflow Step,  simply click on the Start Workflow Step.

Start Activity Panel

The Start Activity Panel panel is broken into 2 Tabs : 

Properties Tab

  • The Properties Tab lets you add a Text Description to your Start Activity.  

Transitions Tab

  • In the Transitions Tab,  you have the option to add Transitions.  To add a Transition to your Start Tab,  you first need to have another Workflow step added to your Workflow, as shown below. 

  • With at least 1 additional workflow step added to your Workflow screen,  open the Start Activity and click on the Transitions Tab. In the Transitions Tab, click on the '+' to create a new Transition from 'Start'.

  • In the Transition Window,  Select options for the following Fields, then Click 'Save':
  • Outcome - Outcome can be set to 'Start'.
  • Linked Activity - Select one of the other Workflow Activities you have added to your Workflow as the Activity you want to Link To.
  • Stage - Select a Stage to Set your Item to when this Transition happens.


  • With your Start Transition Saved,  you will now see the 2 workflow steps linked in your workflow.  You will see the Start Workflow Step linked to the Workflow Step you created. Between the 2 Workflow steps,  you will see both the Outcome and Stage that you selected when setting up the transition. You do have the option to add Multiple Transitions from Start if you wish.

App Studio 

App Studio Home

App Designer Overview:

App Designer Home

App Designer - Form App - Overview

Creating a Form App

App Designer - Form App - Layout Overview

App Designer - Form App - Stages Overview

App Designer - Form App - Security Roles Overview

App Designer - Form App - Stage/Role Security Overview

App Designer - Form App - Spatial Settings Overview

App Designer - Form App - Custom Buttons Overview

App Designer - Form App - Integration Overview

App Designer - Form App - Settings Overview

App Designer - Form App - Version History Overview

App Designer Field Types:

App Designer - Form Field Types Overview

Collection - Form Field Type

Auto Checkin - Form Field Type

Blank Input Grid - Form Field Type

Checkbox - Form Field Type

Contact Picker - Form Field Type

Cost - Form Field Type

Current Time - Form Field Type

Date - Form Field Type

Decimal - Form Field Type

Drawing Log - Form Field Type

Form Button - Form Field Type

File - Form Field Type

GPS/Map - Form Field Type

Integer - Form Field Type

Item Barcode - Form Field Type

Label - Form Field Type

Linked Field - Form Field Type

Last Updated: Oct-24-22