On your Mobile Tablet,  Tapping on the down caret for Planner Mode lets you manage the following Areas. Click on each area to learn more:

My Work Queue (Default) 

The 'My Work Queue' Planner Mode option lets you manage Daily Tasks that are assigned to you, and also request Safety Permits or Tasks.  

Boards & Schedules - 
The 'Boards & Schedules' Planner Mode option lets you View and edit Planner Boards, Schedules, Risks, Resources and Calendars.

Calendar View

The 'Calendar View' Planner Mode option lets you view and schedule specific User's daily tasks.

Daily Reports -  

The 'Daily Resources' Planner Mode option lets you View and Approve Daily Reports for a Selected Period of Time.

Planner Overview

Planner Overview

Boards & Schedules Overview

Schedule Overview

Risks Overview

Resources Overview

Calendars Overview

Dispatch View Overview

Daily Reports Overview

Planner on Devices

Planner Overview - Tablet

Planner - My Work Queue - Tablet

Planner - Boards & Schedules - Tablet

Planner - Calendar View - Tablet

Planner - Daily Reports - Tablet

How To?

Boards Overview

What is Plan View

What are Different Boards Types

How to Create a Board

How to Edit a Board

How to Delete a Board

How to Group Boards

How to Filter Boards

What is the Tag Shelf

How to Create a Tag

How to Create a Priority Tag

How to Create a Milestone

How to Dispatch a Tag

Last Updated: Sep-09-21