'My Work Queue' Overview

On your Device, Planner Mode, defaults to the 'My Work Queue' planner option.   The 'My Work Queue' View shows you all Tasks assigned to you on a Daily Basis.

Adding New Items in 'My Work Queue'

You can add New Items in your 'My Work Queue' by clicking on the Green '+' Triple Dot. 

The following Triple Dot options are available:

Journal EntrySelect this option to add a Journal Entry
Work LaborSelect this option to submit Work Labor
Daily ImpactsSelect this option to add a Daily Impact
Additional ActionsFilters to only Show Work Labor assigned to you
Request Safety PermitFilters to only Show  Inspections assigned to you
Create STAFilters to only Show Permits assigned to you

The 'My Work Queue'  Triple Dot options are as follows:

Journal Entry

To add a Journal Entry, select Date/Time, add a description and click 'Save'.

Work Labor

To submit 'Work Labor', Select a Trade and Add a Date,  or click on the 'Copy yesterdays values' to populate the fields.

Click 'Save Draft', or 'Submit' to submit your Work Labor.

Daily Impact

To add a 'Daily Impact',  Add Date and Time.  Add a description/file or photo. Select 'All Day' or 'Part of Day',  and select a 'Severity'.   Click 'Save' to save your Daily Impact.

Additional Actions

Clicking on the 'Additional Actions' button lets you create a new item in the selected App.

Request Safety Permit

To request a 'New Safety Permit',  Select a Safety Category and enter a 'Reason for request'. Select a Start Date and Duration.   Click 'Done' to save your New Safety Permit.

Create STA

To create a 'Safety Task Analysis',  first, Select an STA.   With a Safety Task selected,  read the 'Description' and 'Safety Instructions'.  Be sure to view any attached Files.  When you are finished,  check the 'I have read and acknowledged all related STA'.  This will activate the 'Acknowledge Safety' option.    Click 'Acknowledge Safety' to acknowledge your STA.

'My Work Queue' Filter Options

In  'My Work Queue' you can filter your Queue with the following options:

All(Default) Shows All work and Reports assigned to you
Work AssignedFilters to only show Work Assigned to you
Daily ReportsFilters to only Show Daily Reports assigned to you
Work LaborFilters to only Show Work Labor assigned to you
InspectionsFilters to only Show  Inspections assigned to you
PermitsFilters to only Show Permits assigned to you



'My Work Queue' Sort Options

In  'My Work Queue' you can Sort your Queue by the following options:

Newest(Default) Shows the Newest Items in your Queue
OldestShows the Oldest Items in your Queue
ClosestShows the Closest Items in your Queue

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