In your Smartapp Project,  you have the option to upload 360 Camera Photos directly from your 360 Camera. You can do this with 2 main purposes:  Capturing and Uploading 360 Files to a folder in Drive and Capturing and Uploading 360 Files to a Sketch File

In both Scenarios, to get started, you will first need to:

1. Set Up your 360 Camera

2. Pair your Pair your 360 Camera with your Mobile Device

Setting Up your 360 Camera

There are 3 Basic steps for Setting your 360 Camera up to work in your Smartapp Project.

1. Make Sure your 360 Camera is charged.

2. Turn On your 360 Camera to make sure everything is functional.

3. Make Sure the Camera Wireless Function is turned ON so it can connect to your Mobile Device.

Registering your 360 Camera with your Mobile Device

If this is the first time you will be Registering your 360 Camera with your Mobile Device, 

when you click the 'Capture 360' button in either Drive or Sketch,  you will see a message stating:  "360 Camera is not registered 'Register Here'"   Click on the 'Register Here' link to begin the Register your 360 Camera with your Device.

a 'Registering a Camera' screen will now appear.

1. Enter the Serial Number for your 360 Camera

In the 'Registering a camera' window, in the 'Serial No.' field,  type in the 'Serial Number' that can be found on your 360 Camera.   Make sure to turn on the Camera Wireless Function if it has not already been turned on.  This will ensure that your camera can connect to your device when registering the camera.

2. Click 'Register' to Register your camera.

In the 'Registering a camera' window, with the 'Serial No.' field filled out, click the 'REGISTER' button to begin registering your camera. 

3. Click 'Join' to Join the Camera Wi-Fi Network.

With the 'Register' button clicked, your device will ask you if you want to Join the Camera's Wi-Fi Network.  Click

'Join' to Join the Network.

4. Connecting to Camera

Your Device will connect to your 360 Camera once you click 'Join'.  Until the Camera is connected,

you will see a 'Connecting to 360 Camera....' Screen.

5. Take 360 Photos on your Camera

With your 360 Camera registered with and connected to your device, you can begin taking photos.  Once you have your photos,  click the Upload button to Upload your 360 Photos to your Smartapp Project.

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Last Updated: Sep-20-22