• Select a Drive Folder to Upload your 360 Files. On your Mobile Device, in Drive, select a Folder to Upload your 360 Camera Files to. In this example, we are uploading our 360 Files to the 360 Root Folder in the Drive.

  • Select 'Capture 360' Option In the Drive Folder you selected,  click on the Green '+' Fab button and Tap to select the 'Capture 360' option. This will check to see if your 360 camera is already registered with your Device.  If your 360 Camera is already registered, you can begin taking pictures. If not, you will need to Register your Camera.

  • Register your Camera If your 360 camera has not yet been registered,  you will see a message stating: 360 Camera is not registered 'Register Here'. Click on the 'Register Here' link to Register your 360 Camera with your Device.

  • Add the Camera Serial Number and Tap 'Register' In the 'Registering a camera' window, in the 'Serial No.' field,  type in the 'Serial Number' that can be found on your 360 Camera. Make sure to turn on the Camera Wireless Function if it has not already been turned on. This will ensure that your camera can connect to your device when registering the camera. Next, click the 'REGISTER' button to begin registering your camera. Your device will wirelessly search for the 360 camera. Once found,  your camera will be registered with your device!


  • Tap 'Join' to Join your 260 Camera Wi-Fi Network Tap the 'Join' button to connect your Device to the 360 Camera Wi-Fi Network.


  • Connecting to Camera Your Device will connect to your 360 Camera once you click 'Join'. Until the Camera is connected, you will see a 'Connecting to 360 Camera....' Screen.


  • Take 360 Photos on your Camera With your 360 Camera registered with and connected to your device, you can begin taking photos. Once you have your photos, click the Upload button to Upload your 360 Photos to your Smartapp Project.


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