Tags can be grouped  in many ways. One such grouping is 'Grouping by Location'

If the tags are created by assigning Locations to them, then using the Grouping Function, they can be grouped by Location as well.

In the below example,  when a User clicks on the grouping icon, and then hovers on the Location, it displays all the Location levels defined for the Project. 

In this example, User picks the topmost level for grouping. So, all the tags are grouped for the topmost levels.

Tags which have locations select any level below the  level selected for grouping will also be displayed under the group,

As an example: If grouping is done for the 'Building' levels, then, all tags that have location as 'Building 1- Floor1' and 'Building 1 - Floor 2' will be under the same group.

Example of grouping by Floors Level:

Example of Grouping by Rooms Level:

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