Linear Viewer allows Users to create Linear Tags easily.

Linear Viewer can be accessed from the View Menu > Linear Viewer Toolbar Icon.

You can either first click on the 'Create Tag' and then set up the Start and End Points for the tag or first set up the Start and End points and then click on 'Create Tag' button

All the Linear Segments defined for the Project are displayed on the map in the Linear Viewer

You first select the Segment for which you want to create the Tag for. Once you do that, all the tags have been created for the selected Segment will be displayed. (You can filter the tags shown using different filters)

For the selected Segment, the Start and End points are shown on the Map.

 - Drag the Start and End Points to set them for the Tag being created

 - Pick it from the other tags by clicking the relevant one.

 - Separately pick the start and End points of different tags by separately, clicking on their start and End  points respectively.

Once the start and end points are set, you can click on the Create tag and the values selected will reflect in the 'Segment' , 'Start at' and  'End at' fields respectively.

You can now add other relevant information for the tag and click on the 'Add' button to create the linear tag successfully.

Example of dragging the Start and End Points:

Example of picking Start and End Points from different Tags:

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