In Drive, you can select one or more files and Share them with anyone - even if they are not a Project Team Member and do not have a account.

  • To get started, simply click to select one or more Drive Files.

  • With your files selected, click on the "Share File(s)" toolbar button

  • In the Share Files popup, you have the option of Selecting Project Members from a Dropdown, or Typing in a Valid Email Address, or sharing the link that allows  access to view the file with a validation of 48 hours.
    In addition, you can add a Message to be send to the people you are sharing the files with.

  • The person you share the files with will receive an email notification with a link to the shared files.
  • Clicking on the 'Open Link' button in the email notification will open the shared files in a new browser window. They then have the option to Download each File.


In your "Share File" options, you will also be able to:

  1. Share Link Settings

  2. Share with Mark-ups
    [Note: This setting is always ON by default]

  3. Share Link and QR Code
  4. Set Link Expiry
    [Note: By default, the link expiry will be set to 48 hours. Or, you can set the link expiry to a custom day, week or hour. You also have the option to select "None" so that the link never expires!]

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Last Updated: Feb-19-23