In Drive,  you now have the option to select one or more files and Share the files with anyone even if they are not a Project Team Member and do not have a account.

To get started Sharing a File in Drive,  simply click to select one or more Drive Files.

With Files Selected,  click on the 'Share File(s)' Toolbar Button to open the 'Share Files' options.

In the Share Files popup, you have the option of Selecting Project Members from a Dropdown, or Typing in a Valid Email Address.   In addition, you can add a Message to be send to the people you are sharing the files with.

The person you share the files with will receive an email notification with a link to the shared files.

Clicking on the 'Open Link' button in the email notification will open the shared files in a new browser window.

You have the option to Download each File.

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Last Updated: Aug-20-21