Safety Policies Folder in Drive

When 'Safety Tracking' is turned ON in Project Settings > SAFETY Settings,  a 'Safety Policies' Folder will appear in Drive.

To create a Safety Policy, get started by first creating a Safety Policies Sub Folder.  Create a Safety Sub Folder by clicking the Green + Button in the bottom right of the screen.  Give the Sub Folder a name and click 'Create'

In the Safety Policies Sub Folder,  Click the Green + to create a New Safety Policy.

Drag and drop you file(s) into the upload window to get started.  

With file(s) added, you have the option of editing the 'Display Name',  and Selecting Trades for the File(s).    Click the Blue Upload Button to Upload your File(s).

The Uploaded File now shows in the Safety Policies Folder you selected.

How to Configure Questions for a Selected Policy

You can Configure Questions for Policies by first Selecting a Policy, then by clicking on the 'Configure Questions to Policy'.

In the Configure Questions window, you can create a Checklist by Dragging Question Types to the left window.

With Questions added, click the 'Save' button to Save the Configured Questions for the selected Safety Policy.

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Last Updated: Oct-12-21