In the Project SAFETY™ Settings, with 'Safety Tracking' turned ON, the 'Safety Bulletin' option will become enabled. Using the Safety Bulletin as a Safety Manager, you can create Bulletin for safety alerts and send out the alert to selected groups or everyone.

Configuring a Safety Bulletin

  • To Configure a New Safety Bulletin,  in the Project SAFETY™ Settings, with 'Safety Tracking' turned ON, click on the 'Safety Bulletin' option as shown below.




  • In the 'Safety Bulletin' window, click the '+' to create a NEW Safety Bulletin. 

  • In the Add Safety Bulletin window, configure the fields. Then, click the 'Save' button to add the new Safety Bulletin.


  • When the Turn On SMS is turned ON allows the selection of enabling the SMS response tracking.


  • When YES is selected for "Do you want to enable SMS response Tracking?" Then it enables the other fields as shown below for configuration.

  • With Safety Bulletins added, The Name, Type and Safety Alerts will show for each Safety Bulletin.  To Send a Safety Alert immediately, click on the 'Send Alert' button (This can be seen from the Safety Bulletin in safety settings from Project Menu ).

Sending a Safety Bulletin

  • To send a specific Safety Bulletin, click on the 'Send Alert' button to the right of the Safety Bulletin you would like to send.



  • You will see a Confirmation asking 'Are you sure you want to send this Safety Bulletin Alert? 'Click 'Yes' to send the Safety Bulletin Alert.

Example of a 'Safety Alert' received on a Mobile Device:

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