This SmartGate Feature can Deny Access to Users, based on Worker In - Questions Answered: 

1. First set the Team Safety Credentials, we support a number of fields that can be configured but correct answer  will ONLY be validated against the 3 fields mentioned below:

a. Team Safety Credentials → Question Type

b. Rest of the field types will not be changed, will have either the Default/Correct answer.

2.  Question Type contains 3 options:

a. Yes/No

b. Single Choice

c. Multiple Choice


3. The new 'Default Answer and Correct Answer' will show up for all the three Question types Yes/No, Single Choice, Multi Choice

a. When marked as Default Answer, In all the places this field is shown, the default answer will be loaded on the form

b. When marked as Correct Answer, During Smart Gate Access validate what the Correct Answer has been set up vs what was answered by the User during SmartGate access. If the answers are right then the access is allowed else deny access (This use cases has been covered in sections below)

Important Note: Rest of the MD field types in Team Safety Credentials will NOT be changed to have either the

Default/Correct answer.


4. Below is an example of Question Type → Single Choice

For Single Choice, Both Default Answer & Correct Answer will be a single choice selection.

5.Below is an example of Question Type → Multiple Choice

For Multiple Choice, Default Answer will be a single choice selection, however Correct Answer will be a multiple choice check box and more than one correct answer can be selected.

6.  Below is an example of Question Type → Yes/No

For Yes/No, Only Correct Answer can be picked, Using the 'Select the radio button to mark the correct answer.

7. SmartGate can deny access based on the Question answered : Worker at the SmartGate will scan the badge and the next step will appear with a facial recognition system

8.Once a worker scans the badge that is NFC enabled, it will send a notification query to the project team and it will see if the user is Valid. If the user is valid, it is going to check if the 'Worker In' Questions are configured.

If the questions are configured for Worker IN, it will ask you the following question: ' To complete your Time In you need to answer one or more questions.

9.  Worker clicks 'OK' to proceed. Worker In questions configured will show up, then User clicks 'Next' to proceed.

10.With all the questions Answered, Worker clicks the 'Done' button

11. When Worker clicks on 'DONE', with all the questions answered, VALIDATE all the ALL the questions answered by the Worker against the 'Worker In' questions in 'Team Safety Credentials' marked as 'Correct Answer'. ONLY 

when ALL the questions has the correct answer, then the Worker is Time In successfully.

12. When Worker clicks on 'DONE', with all the questions answered, If at least one of the question answered in INCORRECT that does not match with the correct answer configured, then SmartGate does not Time in the worker rather shows that 'ACCESS DENIED' and after a few seconds SmartGate will show the Home screen where the worker will need to scan the badge again and answer the questions to get access in.

Access Denied screen is shown for a few seconds and the user is navigated back to Smart Gate Home screen, Red X indicates a failed validation state,

a. Green tick would indicate a successful validation

b. Grey tick indicates that the validation has not happened.

This is how the SmartGate Feature allows access in, based on the security questions that have been pre-defined and likewise SmartGate Feature can deny access, based on Worker In Questions Answered.

Last Updated: Apr-19-22