Register SmartGate from Project Locations

This feature will let you Add/Register a SmartGate from Project Locations. The gate registered will be available to pick from while Turning ON a SmartGate from Devices.

Add/Register a SmartGate from Project Locations

1.From 'Gates & Entrances',  Under 'TYPE' drop down will have SmartGate as an option.

                                                                                            Image 1

2. One or more SmartGate can be added to the Project, A SmartGate can either be marked as Indoor or Outdoor.

3. Fields that are not relevant for SmartGate like BLE Range, Batter % will not be editable.

                                                                                                  Image 2

Associate a SmartGate

                                                          Image 3

                                                                      Image 4

1. When 'Smart Gate Access' is turned on a device from the 'Safety' menu, Along with selecting Access In/ Access Out, All of the SmartGate registered from Project Location will be displayed as a dropdown as shown in Image 4.

                                                                           Image 5

2. Associating a SmartGate is mandatory and Save button is disabled until a SmartGate & Access point is selected.

                                                                    Image 6

Last Updated: Apr-25-22