WMS Connectors - WMS Layer in Map Mode

Users can access the WMS (Web Map Service) Settings, by clicking on the Project Dropdown Menu, 

Project Settings > Locations

The WMS Settings can be turned ON using the Toggle button under the Gear Toolbar icon as shown in the image.

This allows the Users to use FILTER for the App from Layers that show 'Publish WMS' as a button allowing the App to View and filter the App data to be published as a new WMS Layer.

Toolbar in Project Locations:

  • 'GIS (Geographic Information System) Connector' & 'GIS Manage Action' Toolbar buttons are inside a Gear Toolbar icon.

  • Gear Toolbar icon will have 4 options:
  • GIS Connector Settings
  • GIS Actions
  • WMS Settings
  • Geofencing Settings


WMS Settings in Project Location

  • WMS Settings in Project Location - WMS can be turned ON using the Toggle button.

  • When WMS Toggle is ON, 'WMS Settings' pop up, with below options
  • URL: This is unique to each Project and is auto generated. Has a copy to clipboard button next to the URL.
  • Username & Password - This has to be set one time at the Project level.


Configure WMS at the App level from Map Mode:

  • When WMS is turned ON at the Project Level under Locations, Clicking on the FILTER for the App from Layers will show 'Publish WMS' as a button. This will allow the App along with the View and the App Data filtered to be published as a new WMS Layer.

         Note: For an App Multiple Views can be created and each View can be Published as a new WMS Layer.


  • Once you tap on 'Publish WMS', an Unique URL for that App & for the view will be generated, Username and Password has to be set and Saved for each of the layers published. When this data is consumed in other system, the Username and Password set has to be entered there to authenticate and fetch the data.

WMS Manager option is added to the slide out menu in Map Mode.


WMS Manager lists all the App Layers that have been created and published. Each layer will have Pause, Edit and Delete options

  • Pause: Will pause the WMS layer data being consumed by another system. Shows a confirmation 'Are you sure you want to pause the WMS layer selected' and then a success toast on Pause.
  • Edit: Will Invoke the App Filter screen to make any changes to the View and update the WMS layer data, User needs to click on 'Publish WMS' button again and save once the Edit is complete.
  • Delete: Will Delete the WMS layer. Show a confirmation 'Are you sure you want to delete the WMS layer selected' and then a success toast on Delete.

The icons for Pause, Edit and Delete appear on the Tool Bar as shown below:

Display App Layer as WMS:

  • Each Layer published as WMS, Will now have a NEW configuration in the WMS Manager to view the Smart Items on Map Mode as a WMS layer.
  • The column for 'Display App Layer as WMS' appears on the right column as shown in below with an ON/OFF. Toggle Button is set to OFF by default.

User can set the Toggle Button to ON - Display App Layer as WMS, When the button is turned on this feature allows the User to Display the Smart Items for the selected App in Map via the WMS Framework which would display the Smart Items faster on Map Mode. 

WMS Layer can be configured in two ways:  Type to be App or View

  • If 'Display Layer as WMS' has been turned on for both Type: App AND View for the same App say Submittals as an example, Then when User selects the App from the Map Mode, ALWAYS display the APP layer by default 
  • If the User clicks on the 'Filter' icon from the left panel against the Smartapp and loads a View that has the 'Display Layer as WMS' = ON AND clicks on 'Apply on Map', then render those Smart Items from the View via WMS. If User selects a View or filters the Smartapp Grid or selects a View that has either 'Display Layer as WMS' = ON OR a View that does not have WMS set up, then render those as being rendered currently. 

The advantage to Users here is to display the Smart Items on Map the same way its shown currently, Displaying App Layer as WMS will be used to to display millions of records faster on Map Mode for the Apps configured for this feature. 

If a User Single Taps on a Smart Item, it displays the Item Details 

Note: Because the Smart Items will display as a WMS Layer, Selecting an App from the left panel will not show the Filter and SmartApp/Stage toggle icons as shown in the image below. 

If a User Double Taps on a Smart Item, it display Properties Page  

All Devices will Display the WMS Layer in Map Mode similar to the Desktop Version for the corresponding Apps that are configured with 'Display App Layer as WMS = ON' 

Configure WMS at the Smart App level from Map Mode

  • When WMS is Turned ON at the Project Level in Locations, Selecting an App from Map Mode layers will show a  toolbar button 'WMS' , This button is not visible when WMS is OFF in Project Locations. The Toolbar button is disabled when multiple apps are selected, Configuration has to be done by selecting individual App only.



  • Clicking on the WMS toolbar button, WMS configuration window for the selected App. This pop up will have the App Name as the header followed by 'Enable WMS Fields' as the static text.

  • Enable WMS column will be set to OFF by default. MD fields that are needed to be exposed as part of the WMS data have to be turned ON here using the 'Enable WMS' column.

How To?

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Last Updated: Sep-27-22