Follow up option in the LiveLink will allow the meeting organizers to add follow up items in a new widget that opens to the left of the main widget.

Clicking on the 'Select User to assign' field will list all the invitees of the meeting, allowing the  meeting organizer to pick one or more users for the follow-up item being created. To add the click on the 'Enter follow up note' field/click & hold on the 'mic' icon and dictate the text which gets added to the field

The 'Add' button will allow the meeting organizer to add the Follow up item. It gets added to the grid and is displayed as shown

The added follow-up item has the following details:

  1. 'Name of the Agenda Item' - Name of the agenda item to get a quick understanding as to which agenda item the follow up item is added to.

  2. 'Timestamp' when the follow up item was added during the call in Hours and minutes

  3. Follow up Notes - Organizer can add notes by keying in from the keyboard or from the microphone by holding down the mic button and dictating the notes.

  4. 'Assigned to' Label and the assigned person along with his icon and name as shown Note: Assigned to Label is displayed only when a person is assigned to every follow up item.

  5. Resolve / Complete - Displayed to all attendees of the meeting. Clicking on this will set the follow up item to Resolved.

  6. Delete - Displayed only to the organizer allowing to delete the follow up item 

Once a follow up item is added, the follow-up item icon on the agenda item tile turns blue, indicating that the agenda item has one or more follow-up items added.

Once a follow up item is resolved by any of the attendees, the icon/name of the user is updated under the 'Resolved By' label as shown.

Resolved follow-up item

Non-organizer / attendee

Attendees will just see the Resolve button and not the Delete button, allowing to resolve a follow up item by clicking on the button

Device Screens - Follow Ups

Follow up item option: 

Assigning & adding a follow up: 

Resolved screen:

Phone screens:

Follow up item option: 

Assigning & adding a follow up: 

Resolved screen:

Last Updated: May-09-22