Theme Settings

This document will help to apply Themes to Logo, Navigation Bar and App Grid style for BOTH MTA & Enterprise.


Path for Theme settings

We can access Theme settings in two ways.

1. Go to Admin Settings under Project name > Theme settings

2. Go to Admin Settings under Project name > Admin Console

Select Theme settings

Different Theme Settings

In Theme settings we can update the following:

  1. Logo

  2. Navigation Bar Color 

  3. Background Image 

  4. App Grid Style 

The changes are made on the left hand side, where the changes are actively visible on the right hand side in real time. Also the changes can be seen on Desktop/Tablet/Phone respectively by clicking  the Right/Left Navigator .

Apply Theme settings  to Logo

By default the logo will point to Samrtapp. Select Change, add a new logo and click Apply Changes to save. 


Apply Theme settings  to Navigation Bar


1. By default color is set to Orange. Select Navigation Bar color and select color from the standard 8 colors available.

 2. Select Background Image as Default


Apply Theme settings  to Background Image


1. By default the Background Image will point to the Tire track or image set for the Industry chosen during project creation.  Select Custom option in Background Image.


2. Upload a new PNG file, to update the background image.  Once the image is uploaded click on Apply changes.

3. Click on the Right/Left Navigator to see the changes on Desktop/Tablet/Phone respectively. 


Desktop Version


Tablet version

Mobile Version

Apply Theme settings  to App Grid Style

There are two types of theme settings for App Grid.

  1. White Row (default) 

  2. White & Grey (Alternating rows)

Update App Grid style to as 'White & Grey (Alternating rows)' and click Apply Changes. While navigating the Smartapp Grid, changes based on preference will display respectively. 

Last Updated: Jun-17-22