Multi-language file support feature enables users to upload safety policies that support multiple languages and set any of the uploaded files as default.

Manage Policy Files

Policy File Upload: 

  • Users upload a Safety Policy file in the Safety Policy System Folder by selecting the file, giving it a name, selecting the trade and 'Default Language' as shown below.

           Note: Default Language is a new field, which will set the language for the file being uploaded.



  • The 'Default Language' in the 'Upload Safety Policy' UI, allows Mapping a default language as a mandatory step when a Safety Policy is uploaded. The safety policy mapped to a default language will be considered as the Base File.
  • The toolbar button allows the Base file to be mapped to MULTIPLE LANGUAGES during Safety Onboarding Worker Registration. The File with the language selected will be displayed in the Safety Policies step,  languages that do not have a corresponding file mapped will render the default file.

Upload Multi-language Policy  Files

  • Once  a policy is uploaded, that file becomes the default policy for the selected trade. Users can upload multiple files in different languages for the same base policy file. It is easy to manage different language policy files from one place for every uploaded policy.

If Users has uploaded one base policy file (For Ex. in English)

  • Users select the policy file for which multi-language support is needed.
  •  A new toolbar button has been introduced 'Multi File Policy Manager'. Users clicks on the toolbar button.

           Note: The Toolbar button is disabled until the base Policy file is uploaded. 

  • 'Multi File Policy Manager' page opens with the main file shown as the first row. Users can click on the 'Eye' icon to open a quick view popup.



  • Users click on the '+' toolbar button to upload different language files for the same policy. 
  • A new row gets added. Users first select the language from the dropdown menu and then click on the upload button to the right of the field. 

            Note: Only one file allowed to be uploaded per row.

  • Users click on the 'Save' button to upload and map all the multi language files to the policy.




  • As shown below, a new file was associated with the 'Italian' language, Which would imply during on-boarding, When Italian language is chosen, During the safety policy step, File corresponding to Italian will be displayed. 

Change Default set file

Users have the ability to change the default file even after an upload. 

  • Users select a file that is currently not the default policy file. The toolbar icon to set default is enabled. Click on the 'Set Default' icon, confirm the message to make the selected file as default.


Few validations - No default file set

  • Few validations need to be done when Users submits the 'Multi File Policy Manager' 
  • If Users removes the current default policy file by clicking on the 'x' next to the file or removes the row itself by clicking on the 'Remove' icon and then tries to save the page, validation has to happen as shown below.

  • Only the default file is removed 
  • IF there is only one file which is automatically set as default on upload. Users can remove the file by clicking on 'x' and Save the changes.

Safety Policy file in Safety onboarding Flyer for selected language

For the language selected by the user in the onboarding flyer, the respective language policy file has been uploaded.

  • Users click on the link in the onboarding flyer. Choose a language (Chinese in this example) for further interaction. All the further screens translate and display in the selected language.






  • When the user clicks on 'Next' and lands on the 'Safety Policies' page.
  • The links to the policies are displayed in Chinese.


  1. The Chinese policy file for the respective default policy file is displayed.
  2. If there is no Chinese policy file available (not uploaded) for a specific policy file , then, the default set policy will be displayed to the user.
  3. For the selected language if there isn't a policy file uploaded, then, the default set policy file will be displayed to the user.


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Last Updated: Aug-08-22