Mark Team Safety Credentials as Public ON/OFF

  • When a User badge is scanned, it shows all of the Worker Info, Basic Info, Emergency info, Policies and Certs. 
  • Users can mark any fields added to 'Team Safety Credentials', as Public = OFF, with the public Off the Scanned User Badge only show those Fields that are set to Public > OFF
  • 'View Extended Worker Info' which when the User badge is scanned, would first need any Project Team Member to enter his credentials and then ALL the Safety Fields will be displayed regardless if the field is Set to Public > OFF.


  • To mark any fields in 'Team Safety Credentials' as 'Public', use the Public On/OFF toggle that is set to OFF by default, When set to OFF, it implies those fields are not visible when the User badge is scanned and 'View Extended Worker Info', that would show all of the data. 

  • Marking a Question as Public is disabled for 'Visitor' and 'Worker In', this is because the flag will show or hide fields on scan of User Badge and visitor fields are not shown when the badge is scanned. 

Scan User Badge

  • When a User badge is scanned, app shows only Safety fields that are marked as Public = ON and the ones Marked as Public = OFF are hidden. 
  • All Policies and Certificates relevant to the User badge scanned are displayed in show only mode. The info cannot be clicked to retrieve any image or other details for the Cert and Policies shown. 
  • If one or many Safety fields are marked as Public= OFF, the bottom left will show a 'View Extended Worker Info'.



  • When the User badge is scanned, all Policies and Certificates relevant to the User badge scanned will be in show only mode, the Certificates or Policies cannot be clicked to retrieve any image or other details for the Certificates and Policies shown. 


View Extended Worker Info

  • Tapping on 'View Extended Info' will ask to authenticate your credentials and then load all of the Safety Fields/Extended Data.

  • When the user taps on  'View Extended Info', You need to Login, first in order to view Worker's extended safety and certifications data" will be shown. 

  • Clicking on 'Yes' will show the login pop up any other user who is outside the Project will not be login to the View Extended Info page. 

  • Once logged IN the page is refreshed and shows ‘Validation successful, loading extended Info’ along with all of the Safety Data relevant to User badge scanned regardless of any field marked as Public=On/Off and Policies/Certificates can be clicked to View the Thumbnail/File and its extended Info. 


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