Safety Bulletin shows the configured categories and the actual bulletins sent separately by toggling the page to 'Category' and 'Alert Log' respectively in the settings.

SMS Configuration

  • User clicks on the '+' toolbar button to open the 'Add Safety Bulletin' page.

  • The 'Turn On SMS' allows the configuration of SMS capability. When the toggle is  turned ON, all the safety bulletins will be sent through SMS to the users.
  • The 'Response Tracking' can also be configured when the SMS is turned ON, allowing the Safety Bulletin recipients to reply from the same SMS.
  • When the SMS feature is turned ON, the response tracking section is enabled, and the user is asked "Do you want to enable response tracking?" Yes / No (the default is set to NO).

  • User selects 'Yes' and then sets the 'Response Tracking ID' and the 'Description'  as shown in the mockup.
  • Users can add an ID, a unique identifier for each response which can either be an Integer /Number/ Alpha Numeric. User saves the Safety Bulletin by clicking on the Save button.

 Received SMS

  • If the user responds to the received SMS with a YES or a NO(as shown below), the response is tracked under the user's name.
  • User receives an SMS for a specific safety bulletin. The received safety bulletin is configured with Response tracking and hence has Response messages displayed (Yes and No in this case). The Description of each ID gets appended to the SMS.
  • User responds to the SMS by replying with a YES or NO. The response is received by the system and is tracked, displayed under the bulletin and against the name.

Safety Bulletin changes 

Grid Changes

  • The Safety Bulletin page can display the categories and the individual bulletin sends details in 2 separate pages based on the selection.
  • The page has two modes:
  1.  Category - Displays a list of different safety bulletins created for different categories.
  2.  Alert Log - Displays different alerts that have been sent for the various categories. It is by default grouped by 'Type'
  • Two new columns has been added to the Grid
  1. Last Time Alert - Display Date and Time the alert was last sent 
  2. No of Times Sent - Display number of times this alert has been sent

Alert Log

  • By default, 'Safety Bulletin' displays the 'Categories' page.
  • User clicks on the menu next to the page name and selects 'Alert' Log'
  • This page is grouped by 'Type' and it displays the following columns:
  • Name - Name of the Alert
  • Alert From - User who triggered the alert from the system
  • Alert Date & Time - The date & time the alert was sent in mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss
  • Bulletin Details - The details configured in the bulletin
  • Alert Sent To - The count for how many persons it was sent.
  • Alert Response - Shows the count of people who have responded to a bulletin (Which has been configured with response tracking. Else 'NA' will be shown').
  • User hovers on the count. User is displayed the hover card with the following details:
  • The top of the hover shows the response count as shown below. 

- Total Responses - shows the total count of responses received for a safety bulletin

 - Yes - shows the total count of responses received for a specific response ('YES' in this case)

 - No- shows the total count of responses received for a specific response ('NO' in this case)

 - No Response - shows the total count from whom no response was received.


  • User can search on any of the specified column values. The grid in the hover card has the following columns:
  • Name - Name of the Recipient
  • Company - Company he belongs to
  • Role - Assigned Role
  • Alert Response - The response the user sent back.
  • If an Alert has not been configured with Response, the top section shows the count is hidden and the 'Alert Response' column would say N/A

  • Users can click on the maximize icon to blow the hover card to a bigger size to view more data.

Group by Type

  • By default, the 'Alert Log' is grouped by 'Type'. Users can group the grid by date, then, all the alerts are grouped by date & time in the order when they were sent. Latest on top and the oldest at the bottom. They are grouped as Today, Yesterday, This Week, Older (Same format that is followed in Drive)

Safety Report

  • Configured report displays the entire 'Alert Log', 'Replies Sent' and all the columns in the hover card. 

         Note: Customized Reports will be in Reports Manager specific to Safety Bulletin.


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