Safety Bulletin shows the configured categories and the actual bulletins sent separately by toggling the page to 'Category' and 'Alert Log' respectively in the Settings.

SMS Configuration

  • Click on the '+' Add button to open the 'Add Safety Bulletin' page.

  • The 'Turn On SMS' is  turned ON, all the safety bulletins will be sent through SMS to the users.

  • The 'Response Tracking' has "Yes or No" option, when the SMS is turned to Yes which allow the Safety Bulletin recipients to reply from the same SMS.

  • If the selection is 'Yes' then you need to set the options as shown below.
  • The "Set to Default expiration time for the Replies" option will allow you to set the time for the replies as shown below.
  • The "Do you want to add a note with response?" option will have "Yes or No" option when set to Yes will allow you to add a note along with the Response.
  • The "Do you want to Notify Reply Summary events to the below roles?" option will have "Yes or No" when set to Yes will notify reply summary events to the selected roles.

  • Save the Safety Bulletin by clicking on the Save button.


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