Procore is a platform where we can onboard Projects from the Procore Marketplace. Procore Marketplace has two options to choose from:

  1. Procore for Planner 
  2. Procore for Safety

Install Apps from Procore Marketplace

  • Users can install the apps by navigating to the Marketplace. 


  • To search Smartapp, click on the search option at the top right corner.


  • To install Smartapp Planner click  "Install".


  • To install Smartapp Safety click  "Install".


  • To map Procore Projects with Smartapp, Click on "App Setup Instructions" to map data with both the systems. 


Mapping Procore Projects

  • Tapping on 'App Setup Instructions' from the previous step (User won't be in Procore tab/app) will load a NEW Browser Tab with 'Project Central' image in the background, Similar to User clicking on 'Start Trail' from Smartapp website. 
  • Left side shows a list of Procore Projects, The two Smartapp offerings - Smartapp Planner and Smartapp Safety are shown on the right side. Users need to map Procore Projects with Planner & Safety accordingly. Add-ons 'Planner Board' & 'Safety Badge' are also shown on the right side. "Check" the box against each project and modules to install accordingly.         
  • For each Procore Project, Users can select just Planner or Safety or BOTH, additionally Planner Board & Safety Badge add-on can be chosen.


  • Users need to FIRST select a Procore Project, Once the Procore project is selected the Planner & Safety Section is ENABLED. Second, When Planner is selected, automatically the Planner Board add-on checkbox is enabled, 'Safety Badge' add-on is still disabled until 'Safety' plan is selected.


  • When Safety is selected, automatically the Safety Badge add-on checkbox is enabled.

  • Summary section at the bottom of the page shows the 
  • Number of Procore Projects selected
  • Number of Planner module selected 
  • Number of Safety module selected

Filter Projects

  • The option helps to segregate the Projects by groups
  • Licensed
  • Not Licensed
  •  We can further filter 'Licensed' group by add-ons
  • Planner
  • Safety
  • Both

  • The outcome when filtered with Licensed.


  • Tapping on NEXT from Projects page will navigate the User to 'Subscriptions' page. 


  • Payment Type can be Yearly or Monthly, Show Projects Grouped by Planner and Safety with number of Projects mapped in the previous page. 
  •      Planner costs $295 per project/month 
  •      Safety costs $595 per project/month 

  • Once the Checkout process is complete and on successful payment, User is redirected to Project Central and displays the Projects selected. The Project gets created with the same name as the Procore Project selected. 
  • Bottom of each Project Tile displays if the Project has been associated with just Planner or both Planner & Safety or just Safety based on the set up in the earlier steps. 

Map Project

  • Map Project subsequently from Procore Setup URL.


  • Once at least ONE Project has been mapped using the Procore Set up instructions URL, the subsequent load of the Projects page is different from the first time, Notice all of the Procore projects mapped earlier is shown under 'LICENSED' section, other Procore Projects are displayed under NOT LICENSED section. 


  • Any Project that has been mapped and shown under 'Licensed' section cannot be edited, any updates to these projects has to be done from Project Central → Manage Subscriptions page for that Project. Trying to make any edits will show a friendly toast as shown in the image below. 

  • As explained in the previous section, projects shown under 'Not Licensed' can be added and clicking on Next will follow the same steps shown in the previous sections. 

Procore settings from inside a Project

  • Select the project from the project central.
  • Project Settings will have a NEW option called 'Procore' Settings which lets you sync Location/Companies/Roles/Users data as well as set frequency. 
  • Depending on Project Set up, If the Project has both Planner and Safety selected, then both the menu options show up, If its either planner or Safety then the corresponding menu option gets displayed. 


  • In the project settings, set the Procore setting toggle(ON/OFF) to ON.

  • The Procore setting page opens up allowing the user to set the syncing options for locations, companies, roles and users. Each of these have 3 options defining the sync 
  • Procore to Smartapp: This option enables the sync from Procore to Smartapp.
  • Smartapp to Procore: This option enables the sync from Smartapp to Procore.
  • Both: It enables a sync from both Smartapp and Procore.
  • Users can select the sync options along with the frequency of the sync from weekly, daily and hourly. The sync selected will happen depending on the sync frequency selected as shown below.


  • Once the Procore setting is done the Sync option is available on the project settings → Project Team/Locations/Roles/ Users as shown below.


Procore Settings:

How to Publish Plan Board to Procore


Last Updated: Sep-27-22