Blockchain can be used in below activities.

  • Workflow: Any workflow activity that has the Signature option as Required, will also have an option to enable blockchain.
  • Drawings Upload
  • Drawing Revision File
  • Stamp File (Drawing, BIM, etc.) NEW: This will allow User to configure lists that have different options to use as a stamp.

  • The expected Blockchain flow enabled in Workflow or Sketch is shown below.


 Blockchain for Drawing Revisions

Click Project Menu > Drive Settings > Revisions to enable Blockchain. 

  • The Revisions window will appear where the User can select the Blockchain Authentication radio button as “ON” and save.


  • For the first time the same file is uploaded again as a revision, Users will be able to complete the upload and will be prompted to authenticate the revisions on their mobile device.


  •  If User tries to upload the same file as a revision for a third time before completing the authentication, the file will show as temporarily locked and must be removed before the other files can be uploaded.


  •  Once the locked file is removed, the remaining two revision files can be uploaded.


  •  When the User clicks UPLOAD, they will be prompted to authenticate the revisions on their mobile device.


How To?


How to Enable BlockChain in Workflow

How to Set Up your Blockchain PIN

How to Update your Blockchain PIN

How to Authenticate Blockchain enabled Workflow on Mobile

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Last Updated: Aug-09-22