The safety bullate SMS Alert allow the ability to additionally configure SMS alerts for Safety Bulletin being sent.

Configuring SMS Alert for Safety Bulletin

  • SMS Alert from the 'Gear' icon in the toolbar allows ENABLING the SMS notification option.


  • 'Enable SMS Notification' when set to ON, During creation of a new Safety Bulletin alert, a new 'Turn ON SMS' option will be available to configure where users can select the option for the SMS notification.


  • While creating an New Safety Bulletin, 'Turn ON SMS' toggle by default be OFF,  This will ONLY be visible if 'Enable SMS Notification' is enabled at the Master settings for Safety Bulletin. 'Turn On SMS' will be hidden if Enable SMS Notification is OFF.

  • An SMS Alert will be sent to all the members that were part of the Configuration that have a valid phone number added to the system.

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Last Updated: Feb-17-23