The Form button has one or many configurational changes in Designer & on Consumption as explained in here.

Updates to Form Button in Designer

  • Form Button configuration in Designer has been updated to NOT have a 'Text Color', ONLY 'Button Color'  can be updated. Text will always be White on consumption.  When Form button is added to the Layout, A unique color is automatically assigned to the Form button  added, User can update the color if needed.  

  • Button color has been LIMITED to a standard 6 colors in total, Users can ONLY pick from these 6 colors  available. If a Form button has been assigned a color already and the same color is assigned to another form button, a popup with a message 'Color you selected has already been assigned, Do you want to continue using the same color ?', with Yes, No option is shown on the screen. 

Toast Message Config

  • When the Form button is clicked on Consumption, the custom toast text is shown as 'The request is valid and the action has been started'. If User  changes the text upon save, the corresponding text message has to be displayed when the form button is clicked. 

Consumption Updates

  • The UI to show the color for the form button has been changed,  The 'Button Color' set in Designer for the  form button will take the entire button space and the text will always be WHITE.

  • On HOVER in Desktop, the button color will show a lighter shade of the color selected and displays bump animation with a click.

  • On CLICK of the button on Devices, the button color will show a lighter shade of the color selected and displays bump animation with a click  

  • The Custom toast configured will be shown in a  new toast style shown in the below images.


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Last Updated: Aug-09-22