Blockchain functionality on Desktop will help to manage Users Blockchain PIN and Workflow. We can use blockchain in below activities:

  • Workflow: Any workflow activity that has the Signature option as Required, will also have an option to enable blockchain.
  • Drawings Upload
  • Drawing Revision File
  • Stamp File (Drawing, BIM, etc.) NEW: This will allow User to configure lists that have different options to use as a stamp.
  • The expected Blockchain flow enabled in Workflow or Sketch is shown below.



Blockchain Workflow on Desktop

  • In a workflow activity that has Blockchain configured and if a participant is assigned, a window will appear on their Desktop prompting them to open the app on their mobile and authenticate the Blockchain Authentication Queue.

  • User will login to mobile, and can authenticate “Blockchain Authentication Queue” from the User menu.



  • Users now select the "Yes, Authenticate" option to authenticate the workflow activity they performed on desktop.


  • In the Authentication Queue, each row includes the following information:
  • App Icon and Item Name.
  • Workflow Activity Name and Outcome Configured.
  • Date/Time the authentication was added to the queue.
  • Time authentication expires.
  • "No, Not Me" - to remove the authentication from the queue.
  • "Yes, Authenticate" - to authenticate



  • The authentication ID will show up once it is authenticated.


  •  If User long presses on a row, the following edit options will appear:
  • Users can select multiple rows at once for authentication and click "Yes, Authenticate".
  • Users can select multiple rows at once and click "No, Not Me" to clear the selected row.


  • Blockchain Authentication Queue can be filtered with following options::
  • Awaiting Authentication
  • Pending Sync
  • Sync Completed
  • Authenticated, Pending BC Verification
  • Authenticated, BC Verified
  • No Longer Valid
  • Expired

  • To delete rows from the queue, just swipe left on a row.



  • Users can select the "Delete All" option to delete all verified or expired authentication requests.


Blockchain Queue From Desktop 

  • From Desktop, users can go to their User menu and select the Blockchain queue option to open a right panel widget that shows all authentications assigned to them. Users cannot perform authentications from Desktop.


  • Users can search, and filter the authentications assigned to them.



BC authentication ID column in Audit Window

  • When Users access the audit window from the action menu on the Smart item property page, a New BC authentication ID column has been added.


How To?

How to Enable BlockChain in Workflow

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