Bold Reports allows the Report Builder to choose between Manual and WYSIWY.

Add Analytic Dashboard

  • To launch the 'Add Report' screen, click 'Add' from Report Manager.

  • Report configuration can be of two types
  • WYSIWY Builder (Launch Bold Report designer)
  • Manual Report (Current Report Designer Options available)

  • User specifies the name & selects a Report Type.

  • If 'Manual Report' is selected, the popup appears and the user should enter ‘Define your data view’.

  • If WYSIWY Builder' is selected, display 'Open Report Builder' button will be shown.

  • When clicked on the 'Open Report Builder' button the  Report builder will load.
  • Report Builder → Dataset should also display the standard data connectors like Users, Devices,  Sync Queue and other options that are already available in consumption when you build an Analytic report. click on 'Select Data Sources'.

Edit Report

  • Click the Pencil icon to edit a report.

  • Once the report is ready for edit, ‘Report Type’ will be Manual or WYSIWY at the top of the popup.

  • If the Report type is WYSIWY, then the Edit Report will display 'Open Report Builder' button along with the name and description.

Add Analytic Dashboard

  • Click ‘+’  to 'Build Dashboard' which shows two options to the end user.
  • Cumulo Report
  • Tableau

  • Users can choose the Dashboard type either as Cumulo or Tableau.

  • Selecting on Tableau will load the 'Add Tableau' Dashboard.

  • Selecting 'Cumulo' will load the corresponding 'Add new Dashboard' UI.

  • Selecting 'Cumulo' will allow the user to specify Dashboard Name, Once the name is specified, 'Open Cumulo Designer' button will be enabled.
  • Clicking on 'Open Cumulo Designer' button will load the corresponding designer and then the User will need to save and Publish the report.

Note: Cumulo Add/Edit will be the same as the Tableau, except will be adding Cumulo along with Tableau and in Cumulo we will not have the 'Select Data Source' UI.

  • Analytic Tile for the Cumulo will have the current UI display with edit, permissions and delete shown in the tile.
  • Clicking on 'Edit' in Cumulo, Will load the Edit Dashboard page displaying the same and 'Open Cumulo Designer' and 'Publish' button enabled.

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Last Updated: Aug-09-22