Daily Photos as a New FAB Option

  • This feature adds 'Daily Photos' FAB Option in Planner Mode dispatch & daily on Mobile. A new 'Daily Photos' folder also added to drive additionally that sorts photos into the various sections like 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'This Week', 'This Month', 'Older'.

Upload Daily Photos-Mobile

Users will have the option of uploading 'Daily Photos' via a NEW FAB option in Planner. The 'Daily Photos' a User takes get uploaded directly to 'Daily Photos' folder in Drive.

  • In Planner(Dispatch mode on mobile) there is a new 'Daily Photos' FAB option. The FAB options are as listed below:
  • Daily Photos
  • Journal Entry
  • Man Power
  • Daily Impacts
  • Additional Actions
  • Request Safety Permit
  • Create STA 

  • User clicks the 'Daily Photos' FAB option to open the 'Daily Photos' camera. Once the camera is on, User clicks the Green camera icon 'Take Photo' button to take one or many photos.


  • Once the photo is captured, click on the 'Upload' button to upload the Daily Photo.

  • User finally gets a toast message stating 'Daily Photos uploaded successfully'.

Selecting Photos to Upload

  • Users have an option to click on the Photos Icon to view and select specific photos  'Select All' to upload. 

  • Users also have an option to click on the Photos Icon to 'Select All'  and upload. 

View 'Daily Photos' in Drive

  • To view the photos uploaded, click on the 'Daily Photos' folder in Drive which are uploaded using the 'Daily Photos' FAB option in Planner - Dispatch.

Tablet view: 

Mobile view:

  • The Daily Photos by default has to be grouped by the Categories, as shown below:
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This Week
  • This Month
  • Older


Tablet view

Mobile view

  • The right most corner, which displays the grouping order will have the below options:
  • Name
  • Modified - List
  • Modified - Group (Default)
  • Uploaded By Me
  • The Toolbar Options Available in the Photos Folder are as follows:
  • Refresh
  • Delete
  • Open in Sketch
  • Download
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Play
  • Share
  • In the 'Daily Photos' folder, photo tiles shows the following information:
  • Photo Thumbnail
  • <File Name>
  • Type: Daily Photos

'Daily Photos' folder zoom levels - Zoom Level 2/3

  • In the 'Daily Photos' Folder, when a User zooms in to Level 2/3, the ‘Photo Tile’ will show with the following information:

  • Photo Thumbnail
  • <File Name>
  • Type: Daily Photos
  • Uploaded By: <Last Name, First Name>
  • Last Modified: <MM/DD/YY> - <First Name Last Name>


Tablet view

Zoom Level 4

  • When a User zooms in to ‘Level 4’, the ‘Grid View’ will show the following information:
  • Name: <File Name>
  • Type: Daily Photos
  • Uploaded By: <Last Name, First Name>
  • Last Modified: <MM/DD/YY> - <First Name Last Name> 

Tablet View:

'Daily Photos' info panel in Drive

  • The ‘Info Panel’ details tab consists of:
  • File Name
  • Image Thumbnail
  • Owner
  • File Name
  • Type
  • Last Modified
  • File Size
  • Path
  • 'Make available offline for device' (ON/OFF Toggle)
  • File Type
  • Location 

Tablet View:

 Mobile View:


'Daily Photos' Advanced Search Type Option

  • In the 'Daily Photos' folder, while using the Advance search feature, there is a new 'Daily Photos' option in the 'Type' dropdown that lets you Search specifically for 'Daily Photos' files.

Tablet View:

'Daily Photos' in Manage Drive Security

  • In Project > Field Settings > Drive Security, the 'Daily Photos' Drive folder option has been added that lets Admin Manage which Roles can View/Edit and Manage the 'Daily Photos' folder.

'Daily Photos' in Daily Reports

  • In Daily Reports, there is a NEW 'Daily Photos' Section that contains the following information:
  • User Name: who takes photos
  • Photos: clickable thumbnails of photos taken, for more than 3 photos will show <+1> circle next to the 3 thumbnails.
  • Date & Time: MM/DD/YY HH:MM AM/PM
  • User clicks on a thumbnail to view a ‘Daily Photo’.

Tablet View:

  • The Daily Photo will show with the following toolbar options:
  • Reload
  • Download
  • Rotate Right
  • Rotate Left
  • Print

Tablet View:

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Last Updated: Aug-09-22