Planner split screen when selected will allow User to select a Plan Board and one of its Dispatch Board and view both of them in the same screen in split fashion. Users also will have the option to take action on the respective boards to group and filter them.

Split Screen for Boards

At present, Users can hover on a tag and view all its rollup tasks as a list  from a Plan Board,. It doesn't give a clear visualization of their individual start and end dates. In order to achieve that, a new feature has been created to enhance the visualization capabilities. 

Plan and Dispatch board selection

Users are allowed to select a Plan board and a Dispatch board so that both the boards are shown one below the other as if the screen is split.

  • User clicks on the new toolbar button (Split screen).

  • This option will display a list of Plan and Dispatch Boards. User selects a Plan Board and then a Dispatch board

        Note: Only ONE Plan Board and ONE Dispatch board is allowed to be selected.

  • User clicks on 'APPLY CHANGES'  and refreshes the board so that it shows the selected Plan Board on Top and the Dispatch Board at the bottom as shown in the mockup.


  • 'Split Screen' is shown in the middle o f the screen where the name of the board is displayed. The name of the board is shown at the right side.

  • The 'Add Tag' (Tag Shelf) is minimized by default. User clicks on the respective shelf to bring it up and then adds a tag. 

Active Board on selection

  • Once the two boards are split, User clicks on any of the boards to make it active. 


  • The border of the board gets highlighted and all toolbar icons etc. becomes active.


Auto Filter and Group based on Tag selection

  • The Plan Board in split mode, if a single Rollup tag is selected, then the Dispatch board is automatically filtered and all the tags that have been rolled up to the selected tag in Plan board are displayed. 
  • Also, the Dispatch board is zoomed to a level, where these tags can be seen in one go. User can later adjust the zoom level to his view settings.
  • If two tags are selected then, the tags are not only filtered, but also grouped based on rollup tags and displayed as shown in the mockup.

Group based on Rollup tags

  • When a single Rollup tag is selected on a Plan Board, the dispatch board will filter and display all the associated tags for the selected Rollup tag.

  • If more than one Rollup tag is selected on the Plan Board then, the respective tags are grouped and shown under the respective names of the Rollup tags in the Dispatch board.

Synchronous Scrolling

  • When Synchronous scrolling is enabled by clicking on the icon next to the board name, scrolling one board will automatically scroll the other board with the same synchronization.


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Last Updated: Aug-08-22