Tag card visualization - helps users to know the status of the card based on the shape.

Setting Card shapes

  • Different shapes can be selected for different statuses of a tag on board by the User. This helps to understand the status of a card even when a user is zoomed out.

Create/Edit Board changes

  • When the User is in the process of creating a new board or editing an existing board, 'Visual Preference' is displayed as a new section at the bottom of the board.
  • User clicks on 'Add Board' .'Add board' popup is displayed with the board name as 'Untitled'.

  • User enters all the mandatory information and scroll down to view a new section 'Visual Preference'
  • It has 3 columns:
  • Tag Status - Shows different tag statuses available for a tag
  • Watermark - Shows different watermarks that can be set for a tag
  • Card Shape - Shows different card shapes that can be set for a specific status of a tag.
  • All watermarks and card shapes will be set as default which means the watermarks for respective statuses will be what currently is in the application and the card shapes will all be rectangles.
  • User changes the card shapes relevant for the project and creates the Board OR saves an existing board by making changes. The changes are saved and take effect immediately. These changes are immediately visible to all others who have access to the board.

Note: These settings should also be saved in the user cookie so that, when the user is creating another board, this selection is set default and the user changes them if needed.

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