This new feature in Board will show the weather forecast on the columns, enabling the user to plan the tasks keeping the forecast in mind.

Weather Forecast Setting

  • Weather forecast setting under Visual Preference section. Users can either edit an existing board or while creating a new board turn ON the '10-day weather forecast' setting.

  •  A new weather icon is displayed on the top of every column.

  • Hovering on this icon will show the weather forecast.

  • Based on the type of Board, the icon displays the weather forecast.
  • Dispatch Board can only be configured with 'Work Unit' as Days. Hence the Dispatch board will show a weather icon on every column for the next 10 days from the current day.

  • Hovering on the card will show more details as shown below.

  • For a Plan Board, 'Work Unit' can be configured as 'Weeks' or 'Months'. Based on this configuration, the Plan boards will show an icon at the top of the column and show the available weather forecast on a weekly or monthly basis.

Note: - For the past days, the weather icon will be grayed out, which will indicate what the weather was on that particular day. When hovered, it doesn't show any data.

Here as well, the ON/OFF has to be remembered in the user's cookie so that, when the user is creating a new board, this is automatically set as per his previous choice. He can change it if required.

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Last Updated: Aug-08-22