Standalone Worker Registration - Drag & Drop File

  • During onboarding for workers with ‘Badge Photo’ feature users can ‘Drag & Drop File here’ or select an option below.

            Note: Drag & Drop option on Phone and Tablet is not needed,  this is a change in Desktop only. 

  • Once the File is dropped the UI changes to ‘Crop the image’. In case if the file is dropped anywhere outside the grey box, upload will not be successful.

  • For adding Badge Photo, the drag & Drop has to be singular. If trying to drag multiple files at once, the system will throw a toast message as  'Only one file is allowed to drag and drop'.

Support Drag & Drop - Clarifications

  • In the 'Certifications' step of Worker Onboarding, When Worker clicks on ‘Take Photo’, will redirect to Take Photo/Upload File Step. 

  • In Certifications if a Single file is dropped, it will show the ‘Edit File’ pop up and If Multi file is dropped, the uploaded images are added to the control.  

Header and messaging updates

  • In the ‘Safety Policies’ and ‘Certifications’ step of worker onboarding, a Page header for both are added to the top and the messaging has been moved down. 

Tablet and Mobile view:


  • Header will read as 'Certifications' and the messaging has been pushed down. 

Tablet and Phone view for Certifications step


How to add Workers Certificates/Certifications

How to Register using the Safety Onboarding Flyer

SAFETY™ Settings:


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Safety Task Analysis Categories

Safety Permit Categories

Safety Incident Categories

Safety Incident Directory

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Last Updated: Aug-11-22