Certifications as 5thTab

This feature Project Team > User Details allows Safety or Admin Manager to view and Verify the Certifications of Project Team members.

Certifications Tab in User Details in Project Team

  • The Safety Manager, Admin or Super Admin clicks 'Test Based Certification' to Configure Questions.

Note: The configure questions button is disabled until the users selects a 'Test Based Certification' to add questions. The toolbar button is disabled when multiple policies are selected. Also, If an 'Upload Certificates' is selected, the toolbar button will be disabled.

  • The Certifications Tab contains the following information:
  • Progress Bar Text: '<X> of <N> certifications successfully completed'
  • Progress Bar: Progress Bar showing Completed Certifications in Green, remaining bar showing in light grey.
  • Enable - (on/off toggle) - Safety Admin has the option to enable/ disable the certification for the selected User.
  • Certificates/Certifications- Name of each Certificate/Certification. Version shows under name for individual documents.
  • Certification Badge For Test Based Certifications, Safety Admin can click to view Test Results for that Test Certificate. A Certification badge will show on the Thumbnail with the following states:
  • Grey Certification Badge - User has not yet taken the Test.
  • Green Certification Badge - User has Passed the Test.
  • Red Certification Badge - User has Failed the Test.
  • Certificate/Certification Thumbnail - The Certificate/Certification thumbnail has different functionality depending on the Certificate/Certification:
  • Upload Certificates - Not Yet Uploaded - For Certificates that have not been uploaded. Safety Manager is able to Upload a Certificate from the desktop.
  • Upload Certificates - Files Already Uploaded - For Certificates where the User has already uploaded files, the Safety Manager can click to view uploaded documents.

  • Renewal / Expiration Date - The Renewal/Expiration date has different functionality depending on the Certificate / Certification:
  • Upload Certificates - If ‘Track Expiration’ was set to ON when the certificate was created, the Renewal/Expiration Date field will be active. The date will need to be filled out before the certificate can be verified.
  • Upload Certificates - If Track Expiration was set to OFF,  the Renewal/Expiration date field will be disabled & greyed out.
  • Test Based Certification - (Requires Renewal Set to ON) - If Requires Renewal was set to ON when the Test Based Certification was created, the Renewal/Expiration date field will be calculated based on date the Test Based Certificate was verified and the number of days entered into the ‘Requires Renewal’ field. (For eg - Safety Manager verifies a ‘Test Based Certification’ on September 1st 2021. The ‘Test Based Certification’ has a ‘Requires Renewal’ of <60 Days>. The renewal date is calculated as September 1, 2021 + <60 days>.
  • Verified - Safety Manager can verify certificates at any point with ‘Test Based Certifications’ once the User has passed the test.
  • Verified On/By - Once the Safety Manager Verifies a Certificate/Certification, the Verified On/By field will show as <09/01/2021, Joe Black>Save Button - Clicking the 'Save' button will save any changes the Safety Manager has made.

Device View

Safety Admin or Admin Views - Safety Admin or Admin Views 'Test Based Certification' Results

In Project Settings > Project Team > User Details under the 'Certifications Tab' option, a Safety Manager or Admin can click on a 'Test Based Certification' that has been completed to view a User's Test Results.

  • Admin or Safety Manager clicks on a 'Test based Certification' that has already been completed to view test results.

NOTE: Test Based Certifications have a Badge in the top right corner of the Thumbnail, completed badge color is GREEN.

Tablet View

  • A Popup 'Test Results' window will appear with a ‘cover page’ and results for the 'Test Based Certification'. The 'Cover Page' window contains the following information:
  • Header: Test Results: <05/11/2021>
  • Status Badge: Passed (Green) or Failed (Red) - This is based on the number of correct answers required to pass the test, which was set by Admin/Safety Manager on test creation.
  • Test Document Name: <Safety Guidelines>
  • Test Taker: Review answers of <Aimee Mullins>
  • User Information: User Head Icon, Name, Trade & Company.
  • Test Results: Date of Test: <06/12/21 3:54 PM> Result <PASSED> , Total Questions <20>, Correct <15>, Incorrect <5>
  • d. Previous test History - Listed Out, <1> <FAILED> with Score - <23%> on <05/13/21 10:45 AM>, <2>
  • FAILED with Score - <14%> on<05/18/21 10:12 PM>.

Device View

  • The Test Results Pages contain the following information:
  • Header: Test Results: <05/11/2021>
  • Test Document Name: <Safety Guidelines>
  • Test Taker: Review answers of <Aimee Mullins>
  • Test Results with User Answers.

        Note: For Incorrect Answers, a 'Right Answer' Badge will show next to the Right Answer(s).

Device View

Sample Right Answers for Test Results


Safety Admin or Admin Uploads Certificate' File from Certification Tab

In Project Settings > Project Team, in User Details under the 'Certifications Tab' option, a Safety Manager or Admin has the option to ‘Take a Photo’ or 'Upload Certificate'.

  • Admin clicks on an 'Upload Certification' Thumbnail to upload one or more Upload Certification Files.

Tablet View

  • A Toast message appears with 2 options: Take photos and Upload. Safety Manager clicks on the 'DONE' option.

Note: On devices, with camera capabilities like Laptops, Users will see the 'Take Photo' option. If the device does not have any photo taking capabilities, the user would only be able to 'upload', hence the upload screen would appear.

  • Safety Admin selects files to upload and clicks the ‘Open Button’.


  • After Images are opened, Safety Admin has the option to Edit or Delete any of the selected files. Safety Admin clicks the 'DONE' button to Upload the selected images.

Tablet View

  • The uploaded image is shown in the file thumbnail. Additionally,  a blue circle with a number is of additional photos uploaded is shown. 

Tablet View

Quick View of Upload Images

  • Safety Admin double clicks on an Image to see a Quick View of the Image.

Tablet View

  • The Standard Quick View window shows the Image with Name & click through to additional image.

Tablet View

Resend Certification Link

In Project Settings > Project Team, in User Details in the 'Certifications Tab', there is a new 'Resend the Certification Link' when clicked, will send the Certification Link to the selected User.

  • Admin or Safety Admin clicks on the 'Resend the Certification Link' Button.

Tablet View

  • Admin will receive a Toast stating "Certification link sent successfully!".

Tablet View

  • The Worker Registration Email with certification link gets sent to User. User can click on the 'Certifications' button to manage Certifications.

  • User is sent to the Manage Certificates/Certifications URL after clicking the 'Certifications' Button.

  • When all Certifications have been Completed, User  will see the Following:
  • A Green Check next to each completed certification
  • A Green Check in a circle, next to the certifications tab name.
  • The 'X of N certifications successfully completed' shows as complete, with the progress bar showing as completely Green.


Tablet View

When No Certificates/Certifications are available for User

  • In the Project Team panel in Project Settings, under the 'Certifications' Tab, when No Certificates / Certifications are available for a User, Safety Admin will see the following watermark.

Tablet View

New columns in Project Team

In the Project Team > Project Settings > 'Safety Settings', there are 2 new Project Team columns.

  • Policy Status - This column shows the policy status for each Team Member. There are 2 policy status states
  • Worker Acknowledge - When worker has acknowledged all policies
  • NA - When no policy exists
  • Pending - When Policy is pending acknowledge
  • Certification Status - This Column shows the Certification Status for each Team Member. There are 4 certification status states:
  • NA - If no certifications are available or the worker never submits certifications.
  • Verified - A Certification has been verified by the Safety Manager.
  • Verified - Awaiting Update - A Certification that has previously been Verified by the Safety Manager and requires Renewal but has not yet expired. Again, the Safety Manager should verify.
  • Not Verified - A Certification that has not yet been verified by the Safety Manager.
  • Expired - A Certification that has Expired.


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