My Work Space is a new widget that has predefined filters with all the tasks/smart items/tags that are assigned to logged in users which need action. Users can access ‘My Work Space’ from Project Central by clicking on the new icon which is next to the user icon.

Path for My Work Space Widget

  • User logs into
  • Login redirects to ‘Project Central’ Page, which will list all the project users having access to the widget. 

  • My Work Space (Project Central) will be default.


  • Example of My Work Space Widget when minimized from Project Central. 

Tablet screens:


Mobile screens

My Work Space when Project selected and unselected

  • ‘My Work Space’ filter options are Today/ Overdue/ Upcoming / All are independent of Project selection. It will always show the count across all the Projects where User has access.

  • In the second slide lists all the tasks which needs action across all the projects and the data is grouped by Date and Projects alphabetically.

  • In second slide when a Project is selected for instance in use case - 'ACME Inc HQ North Phase' Project has been selected, primary ‘My Work Space’ options are independent, it will always show the count across all the projects but the secondary slide out menu will now filter to show the data for the Project selected by Date. 

  • Multiple Projects selected from Project central ‘Tile View’ with secondary slide out menu now filtered to show data for the 2 Projects selected with Grouping done by Date and then each Project instance selected as shown below.


When accessed Projects from Project central additional Filter options available.

  • User clicks on the filter button on the Search. 
  • When clicked on Projects, ‘Filter’ option will list all of the Projects the User has access to. 
  • If User has selected one more Project from the Project Central ‘Tile view’, then the corresponding Projects will be checked in the Projects filter list.

  • Selecting one or more Projects, will filter the tasks accordingly.

  • All the tasks/tags etc. are grouped under the ‘Project Name’ at the top.

Device screens:



  • By default, grouping is done by ‘Date’ and then the ‘Project’. The Project name is displayed as a label at the top and all different tasks, followed by the project label of another project (in alphabetical order of project name). When selected ‘Grouping’ icon the following options appear:

  • None
  • Type - will group all the tasks based on 'Work Assigned', 'Work Labor', 'Permits', 'Inspections', 'Workflow', 'Daily Reports'.
  • Apps - will group by tasks based on Apps.

Device Screens

  • In ‘My Work Space’ grouping is by ‘Date’ by default. Hence, if any other grouping is applied it will be on top of date grouping. 

For example: If 'Type' grouping is applied, It is first grouped by date and then by the different activities type. So, first the date ribbon with date is displayed (ascending order) and then below that the activity type like Inspection, work Labor are grouped for a given day.

Blockchain Queue from Project Central 

  • Clicking on 'Blockchain Queue', will display all of the blockchain transactions across all the Projects User has access to. 
  • If User selects multiple Projects and one of them is not Blockchain enabled, then the Blockchain Tile will be hidden. 
  • Queue will be default to ‘Awaiting Authentication’.
  • Grouping options do not apply from Project Central. However, ‘My Workspace’ User Blockchain Queue can be filtered by Project.


File Route from Project Central 

  • File Route displayed in Green color
  • Click on 'File Route' tile will display a combination of all Active Routes across all the Projects User has access to. 
  • The Count shown in the Tile is the Active Route assigned to the User that needs to be Stamped. 


  • Clicking on the 'Stamp' icon will show an alert 'Do you want to open the file in Sketch and Stamp?'
  • Clicking on 'Yes' will load the Project and then Sketch File that needs to be stamped and Stamp File will be open by default. 


  • Grouping does not apply to the Route Queue, However Route can be Filtered by Project.  
  • User can search the Queue or Sort the list Ascending/Descending.

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Last Updated: Aug-08-22