• To get Tag Details read only double click on dispatch and to get a “Smart Item Properties Page”, click on the Smart App icon on the tag which has been dispatched.


  • All the details displayed on the Tag Details page have to be Read-only. Users should be able to add/reply to 'Comments' and add/reply to 'Constraints & Issues' from the Tag. The 'Save' button is also hidden in the page.  
  • The 'Status' and the 'Percent Complete' has to be displayed at the bottom of the Tag Details page.

Open Item Properties From the Tag

  • Users click on the “Smartapp” icon displayed on the Tag, hence the respective “Smart Item Properties Page” is displayed.


  • The Tag security and the Smartapp security remains as is for the logged in user who clicks on the icon of a specific tag. If the logged-in user doesn't have access to the app, the Smart Items properties page is not displayed to him.

How To?

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How to Create a Priority Tag

How to Create a Milestone

How to Dispatch a Tag

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