This feature will help to further configure “SMS alerts for Safety Bulletin” which are being sent.

Configure SMS Alert

  • Users can enable “SMS notification” by clicking the “Gear” Icon from the toolbar.


  • A new checkbox 'Enable SMS Notification' has been added, which will be “OFF” by default. When this is set to ON, a new 'Turn ON SMS' option will be available to configure.  


  • To “Add”  Safety Bulletin, click + icon.


  • While creating a “Safety Bulletin”, toggle “Turn On SMS” to “ON”' which is by default “OFF”. This option will be visible only if 'Enable SMS Notification' is enabled at the master settings for Safety Bulletin (Gear → Enable SMS Notification). If “Enable SMS Notification” is “OFF” then “Turn On SMS” will be hidden.


  • Along with Safety Bulletin Push/In App/Email Notification, also “SMS Alert” will be sent to all the members that were part of the configuration with a valid phone number added to the system.

SMS Formats:

  • Safety Alert (Standard Label)
  • Project: <Project Name>
  • Bulletin: <Alert Description> 






Last Updated: Aug-04-22