Visitor Log - Show additional Info in the Visitor Info Tile - Desktop

  • Each tile in the “Visitor Log” by default will display additional information. The information which is shown in the “Tile” is the same that visitors would have keyed in via the 'Visitor In' while onboarding.

  • 'Intake Info'  is displayed at the right bottom of each tile, in blue. This text is displayed only if 'additional' questions are configured in Team Safety Credentials. If additional questions are not configured for the “Visitor In”, then the text is hidden.


  • When clicked on 'Intake Info' a pop up appears with a header as “Intake Info” which shows an image, Visitor Name & Visit Date/Time followed by all the questions and the answers that the visitor had answered.

Device Screens:


Show additional Info in the notifications

  • Email notification 

  • Email notification sent to the 'Visitor' after the Visitor registration is complete


  • When a Visitor completes the Visitor onboarding from the Safety Flyer, the last screen part of the onboarding that displays the confirmation as shown below.

How To?

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Last Updated: Oct-13-22