This feature will help to add Trades along with Roles and select All Project Members for the alert configuration. 

Configure default alert for Safety Bulletin & SOS

  • Click on the “Gear” icon to configure 'Default' alerts for Safety Bulletin and SOS.


  • Below are the options that can be set as 'Default' 

a. All Project Members 

b. Roles

c. Trade  

  • Both Role and Trade can be added for the alert settings. 


  • 'All Project Members' when turned ON will disable the 'Roles' & 'Trade' section. When 'All Project Members' is turned ON then an SOS or Safety Bulletin is set all of the project members will be alerted.


  • When creating a NEW 'Safety Bulletin', the default configuration will be prefilled that was set as default which can be overridden at each alert. Both Role and Trade can be added for the alert settings. And they will receive alerts.


  • 'All Project Members' when turned ON, disables the 'Roles' & 'Trade' section. 



Send Alert to only members at the Job Site

  • 'Everyone present on the Job Site at the time of event' On/Off' has been changed from default settings to 'Create Safety Bulletin' alert page, the toast says 'Do you want to send the alert to only members at the Job site?

For example, if Role 'Quality Manager' & Trade 'Architect' were selected.  

  1. When set to OFF, send the alert to both Quality Manager & Architect.

  2. When set to ON, and do not send the alert to all of the Quality Manager & Architect, Send it to only those Quality Manager & Architect that are at present at the Job Site.

Send SMS alert to Non- Registered Users

  • The alerts will now be sent to non-registered members that are part of the configuration Trade/Role/All Project Members. 
  • If multiple Roles and Trade added part of the alert, send an SMS alert to those Trades and Roles that are not registered to Smartapp as well. Since these members are not registered yet, Push and In App notification is of no relevance. 








Last Updated: Aug-01-22