Filter Files Routed from Drive Search feature allows Users to filter the Files routed from the Drive Search on a Desktop, a field 'Files Routed' has been added to facilitate this search. The below highlighted options are available.

  • Each section on the device will have drop down and the data is intended a level in. When the search loads, all the sections appear as below.


Screens for search on Phone 


Filter By Files Routed

  • In Drive Mode > Search, has a feature called 'Files Routed'.

  • When you filter the ‘Files Routed’ you will see the below options
  • Active Routes (Filter Files that a Route is currently active for the logged in User)
  • Previous Routes (Filter Files that a Route is previously completed for the logged in User)
  • Both - Active & Previous Routes (Filter both Active and Previous Routes)

  • Files Routed like any other filter will work in addition to filters applied in the Search UI.

Device Screens:

The feature/functionality remains same as that of the desktop version. Below are some of the key screens for devices.


How To?

How to Search Drive Files - Desktop

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System Generated Drive Folders:

Drive Home

Schedules Folder in Drive

Drawings Folder in Drive

Sketch Folder in Drive

360 Folder in Drive

BIM Folders in Drive

Photos Folder In Drive

Videos Folder in Drive

Files Folder in Drive

App Files Folder in Drive

User Space Folder in Drive

Safety Policies Folder in Drive

Certifications Folder in Drive

LiveLink Meetings Folder in Drive

Daily Photos Folder in Drive

LiveNote Folder in Drive


Last Updated: Oct-17-22