Filter Files Routed from Drive Search

This feature has changed its search UI. In Desktop, a new field 'Files Routed' has been added.

1. The below highlighted options were occupying full rows are now updated and it is now towards left right alignment.

2. Each section on the device will have accordion and the data is intended a level in.

3. When search UI loads, all the sections will be in an open state.

5. Sample screenshot for User manually closing each accordion when needed.

Sample screenshot for Search UI on a Phone


1. In Drive module > Search, now will have a new feature 'Files Routed'.

2. When User filters ‘Files Routed’ he will see the below options

  • Active Routes (Filter Files that a Route is currently active for the logged in User)

  • Previous Routes (Filter Files that a Route is previously completed for the logged in User)

  • Both - Active & Previous Routes(Filter both Active and Previous Routes)

3. Files Routed like any other filter will work in addition to filters applied in the Search UI.

Device View:


Last Updated: Jul-13-22