Organizer having the ability to add ‘Agenda’ during a call, ‘Notifications’ for the meeting and schedule recurring meetings for daily, weekly and monthly.

Refresh LiveLink

If a user clicks on the 'Refresh' button, it will show the latest data available for the meetings.

Device screens:


Copy LiveLink Meeting Link from the event:

During a meeting, if an attendee wants to share the meeting invite link with another attendee, so that he can join the call by clicking on the link is not possible. In order to facilitate this functionality, a 'copy link' has been provided to the user.

1. User clicks on the 'Copy Meeting Link' button.

2. The meeting link is copied to the clipboard. A toast message is displayed confirming the copy.

3. Users now have the ability to copy, paste it on the browser to join the call.

Note: Only the attendees have access to the scheduled meeting, If the link is shared with a user who is not part of the scheduled Invite, then a check will be done and the user will not be allowed to the meeting.

Device Screens:



Watermarks when Filter options do not show any meetings:

By default all the meetings are shown in the sessions icon. However, if the user is visiting for the first time or/and if there are no meetings configured, then on selecting a filter a watermark ‘'No Meeting Available' will be shown.

Device Screens:



Note: Device Screens have the same function as the Desktop Version. 

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